1. No chewing gum
2. No talking over the instructors
3. Proper attire 
4. Be on time for class
5. Be respectful of yourself and other dancers


Make up, costumes, and shoes are all required parts of the competition team.

competition Dress Code

Black Highland Ghillies, knee socks, shorts, and Mercier School shirt (tank or tee). Other shirts are acceptable but you must own a school shirt. Hair must be off the face, no exceptions.  No sweat pants, you may wear leggings with knee socks over them.


Varies by location: However all pre ballet requires leather (synthetic is fine) or canvas slippers. Tap will require tap shoes, Jazz can be jazz shoes or ballet slippers. Hair MUST be off the face.

Preschool Classes Dress Code

Dress Code and Etiquette


These protocols, and any updates, will be made available to all Mercier School of Dance teachers, as well as the directors of all host locations


• All teachers must and participants are encouraged to wash their hands before and after class.
• If hand washing facilities are not available, teachers must use hand sanitizer before and after class.
• All teachers will be given hand sanitizer for their and participants’ use if hand washing facilities are not available, but:
• Participants’ use of hand sanitizer will follow the policies of the host location. 
• At stand-alone MSD classes, participants must use hand sanitizer before and after class.

hand hygiene

• All teachers will wear masks while on-site at host locations.
• Teachers will be provided masks by Mercier School of Dance for their use, if requested.
• For stand-alone Mercier School of Dance classes, all participants must wear masks.
• Classes held at a host location will adhere to the current participant guidelines of the host location.
• Mercer School of Dance is not currently offering classes to dancers under the age of 2 (who cannot wear masks.)


Teachers and host centers are encouraged to structure classes to maximize physical distancing.
Potential methods include:
• Limiting class sizes
• Moving classes to new locations (outside, gymnasiums, playgrounds, etc.)
• Structuring class to limit movement/bunching of dancers
• Excluding the use of shared items like props, costumes, and the like. (Disposable paper products may be substituted.)
• Host-locations are requested to provide at least one teacher per class to aid in physical distancing. (Preferably one that is already in regular contact with the participants.)

Physical Distancing

All participants and staff should stay home if:
• They are not feeling well, or exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19
• Have had close contact with someone diagnosed or suspected of having Covid-19
• Have tested positive for Covid-19
• Classes may be canceled on short notice due to staffing issues, and staff shall not be penalized for staying home due to potential Covid-19 exposure.

Staying Home When Appropriate

As Virginia, and Mercier School of Dance, transition to more in-person operations throughout 2021, we will mirror the guidance from the CDC and the centers that we serve. 

Our overarching goal continues to be to reduce the risk to our staff and participants, while fulfilling our mission of sharing the benefits of a dance education with children throughout the region. 

These protocols were created under guidance from the CDC recommendations for youth sports, most recently found at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/youth-sports.html

COVID-19 Re-Opening Protocols