What people are saying!

“Carissa is an amazing teacher.  She is patient with the children, but also works hard to give them the skills they need to be competitive in Highland Dance.  My daughter love her dance class, and we would follow Carissa anywhere.”  E.Taylor

“Mercier School of Dance and Carissa Koontz have been a part of Arris Montessori Academy from the very beginning – 2009. Carissa is not only an award winning dancer but an outstanding director and instructor. From her very first class at the school her dedication and commitment to Highland dancing is exciting and stimulating. Her standards are high and so the response from the students is electrifying! She offered the students opportunities to participate outside of our two yearly performances – always looking to advance the sport of Highland Dancing and its participants.” K. Opiola

“She helps me by finding out what will make me dance better and using it so I have something that I want to dance for.” – Current Student

“Dance class is a good balance of solid technique, hard work, and fun.  Carissa prepares my daughter well for competitions, but doesn’t forget to stress the positives and joy of dance.” L. Bruner

“My daughter has been a highland dance student of the Mercier School of Dance for six years. Carissa and Greg are fantastic teachers! They are always kind and patient with their students, but they also know when to push for more when it is necessary.  I would highly recommend them for highland dance classes!” C. Katz

“The Gardner School of Herndon has partnered with Mercier School of Dance since 2015. We are very pleased with thiir services. This company serves us both through Dance & Gymnastics class. Mercier School of Dance even has showcases for our parents which allows them to see just how much their children have learned. We have been very happy over the years with their service and their genuine love to help children grow within fine arts.” M. Cooke Asst. Director TGS

“Mercier School of Dance has been providing ballet and creative movement classes to the students of MCHL since 2013. Their teachers are reliable, punctual, and teach engaging and imaginative dance classes. The classes are in high demand by our students (boys and girls) and are typically full to capacity.  The children are always happy to hear it is dance class day!” MCHL Office