Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather policy? If your county is closed so are we. MSD will offer make ups when and if we can, but they are not guaranteed.

What if my center is closed for weather? So are we

What should my child wear? For the first class bare feet and clothes that are easy to move in!

Do we need ballet slippers? YES all classes require ballet slippers or other appropriate footwear.

Can you get the slippers? Yes we can however we will add a $5.00 convenience fee on top of the shoe price.

What is the cost for class? Please refer to your location or email for the tuition at your location.

What is the refund policy? We require a 30 day notice for withdrawing from class.

When do you bill? We bill the first of the month.

Where should we buy dance attire? We love, and Target for cute dance clothing